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How to disable past dates in datetime picker with example

While working on a application, we generally need to disable past dates in bootstrap datetime picker or only bootstrap date picker. Because we can not give option to select prevoius date for date field which has to be filled with upcoming dates only. We also can say that we should validate date or datetime field. Which is must… Read More »

Dropzone JS allow Only Image files to Upload

As we all knows, dropzone js provides a feature to upload images. Here i will let you know dropzone js allow only image files to upload. There are some settings to restrict files to upload. Here, we will also discuss to upload only pdf and only csv files. We will do these things through an example. Dropzone provides… Read More »

How to create star rating using bootstrap and jquery example

In this article we will see that how can we create star rating using bootstrap and jquery with an example. Star rating a technic to show the user’s response or feedback to any product or services. The star rate can help to users or customer to rely on that product or service. We will show maximum five star… Read More »

How to get your local time from UTC/GMT time using Moment.JS with example

Hello friends, in this article i will let you know how to get your local time from UTC/GMT time using Moment.JS. While working on any project as a developer we generally need to work with date manipulation. There are too many procedures  available to manipulate date. But here we will work with moment.js. In this example we will take… Read More »