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How to fix Laravel PDOException Could Not Find Driver error

While working on the laravel application sometimes we got an error like PDOException Could Not Find Driver error. Here, we will discuss about the solution to fix “could not find driver” or after artisan migration running you got error “Class ‘Doctrine\\DBAL\\Driver\\PDOMySql\\Driver’ not found”. Solution 1: If you do not have mysql/postgresql php module installed in your system If… Read More »

How to add column in laravel existing table through migration

While working on the laravel application, we create migration file to create tables in the database. And after migrating these migrations if we need to add columns in the table through migration then we will also need to create migration to new column  in laravel existing table. So let’s see how can we create migration file for adding… Read More »

How to load gravatar image in laravel using laravel-gravatar package

Gravatar is a graphical representation of a user. We usually see an image icon or dummy image in the comments of users on the websites. These images are known as gravatar. So here, We are going to see how can we implement or load gravatar image in laravel. Here, in this tutorial, we will use thomaswelton/laravel-gravatar package to load… Read More »

Laravel User Role and Permissions using Spatie package

Roles and permission for a web application is very important things to manage whole applications features. So here, in this article i will let you know to create laravel user role and permissions (ACL) using spatie package. Here, in this article we will create roles and permissions for a blog where we can give access to the users… Read More »

Laravel autocomplete search box using typeahead and ajax

Today, i am going to share an article to create laravel autocomplete search box using bootstrap typeahead and ajax. Here we will create a demo of autocomplete search bar. Autocomplete or autosuggestion search provides a easy way to search anything on the website. A user who visit a website attracts from the amazing features which are very easy… Read More »

Laravel get current route with parameters example

Sometimes while working on the project, we generally need to get current route with parameters and we do invest a lot of time to get current route in laravel. So here, i will give you some examples or code to get laravel current route with parameter. Here you will get the answer of some questions which are as… Read More »

Laravel dependent country state city dropdown ajax jquery

Here, we will see Laravel dependent country state city dropdown using ajax and jquery. And we will create dynamic dependent country, state and city dropdown in laravel with the help of jquery and ajax. In approx. all the applications where we need to take the user’s personal data we use this types of dynamic dependent dropdown. Here state… Read More »