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How to install different php versions 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4 ubuntu

Hello guys, Sometimes we need to install different php versions on one system, then it can be challenging to run different php versions in one system, So here i will let you know to install different php versions in one ubuntu machine . Here we will use some ubuntu linux command to instll php with different versions and… Read More »

Php get file name without extention from file path

In ths article, i will let you know php get file name without extension from given file path. There can be multiple methods to get file name. We can manipulate or take out substring from the given string which is basically a full file path. Here we will use simple php method to get file name without extension… Read More »

Enable rewrite module in Xampp, Wamp, Lamp and apache

There might be a number of situations where we need to enable rewrite module in apache for Xampp, Wamp, Lamp . Let support we have installed laravel application or any other framework and it is working fine but only homapage. Other url of frameworks are not working. It means url rewriting is not working. If you get a… Read More »

Php Laravel Yajra Datatables with Example

Data tables provides an attractive look and feature to the data view and user interaction. In this php laravel tutorial, i will let you know about laravel yajra datatables with an example. If you don’t know about yajra datatable, So there is no need to be worry. I am sure after reading this article, you can say you… Read More »

How to create restful api in laravel with passport authentication

In the today’s age, demand of apis has been on top. Any mobile technologies like android, ios and frontend technologies like angular, react, vuejs etc. needs apis to create fully functional features. So here we are going to create restful api in laravel with passport authentication. Laravel provides a passport package out of box  for user authentication process… Read More »

Laravel CRUD operation (Create, Read, Update, Delete) with example

CRUD operation is very basic thing for starting to work on any new frameworks or technologies. So in this tutorial, i will explain laravel CRUD operation (Create, Read, Update, Delete) with example. CRUD operations help to build the skill related to web frameworks or programing languages. It helps new comers to create features for web application.  In this… Read More »

How to create helper in laravel with example

In this tutorial i am going to ley you know that how can we create helper in laravel with example. Helper in any application works as a hook. We can use helper function anywhere in the whole application.  In this example we will create two important methods as a helper function and will see the use of that… Read More »

PHP script to send emails using gmail smtp with example

In this article, i am going to demostrate to send emails using gmail smtp with an example through a php script. Emails are very important thing for any web application or any business. We generally used emails for communication like contact form, registration, forget password etc. We can send emails through php mail() function from server but it… Read More »

Php How to integrate TinyMCE in laravel with example

TinyMCE is a most popular text editor. There are lots of features of TinyMCE which can be used in our web application. So we are here to see the demo of TinyMCE and will know how to integrate TinyMCE in laravel. TinyMCE is a free tool to use but for some advance features, you will need to pay.… Read More »

Php: How to integrate Summernote in laravel application example

Hello all, in this laravel’s article i will let you know that how to integrate summernote in laravel web application. As we all know the text editor play an important role which we give an option of input long content or description to the users. By using the text editor a user can beautify the content which can… Read More »