Laravel 5- Google reCaptcha integration and validation example

Hi guys, In this article i am going to tell you about laravel5- google reCaptcha integration and validation example. If you want to secure you application’s form then captcha is a good choice to secure a form submission in your application. And google reCaptcha is best for that. If you do not secure you form through captcha then… Read More »

Laravel5 barcode generator example with milon/barcode package

Hello guys, In this article i will let you know about the laravel5 barcode generator. When you are developing an application sometimes you need to create a module to generate barcode. So here you will know how to generate barcode in your application. Laravel has many packages to implement many features. Here we will use milon/barcode package and… Read More »

Random number generator in php

Some times we need to random number generator in php for an application. Generally if write code for an application we need a number such as authentication code or one time password (OTP) to validate user. Here i am going to tell you about different methods for random number generator in php. Method1 : rand(1000, 9999), mt_rand() or mt_rand(10,10000)… Read More »

Php send and receive file via curl post request

Sometimes we need to send a file from one server to another server through the php script, for that we can use ssh or ftp credentials in predefined php functions for ssh and ftp connection. But here i am going to tell you about  php send and receive file via curl post request. Follow the script below to… Read More »

Laravel 5 upload image and file on cloudinary with example

Hello guys, In this article you will learn laravel 5 upload image and file with cloudinary. Before starting the upload process in laravel you should to know about the cloudnary. Basically cloudinary is a server where you can upload images and video. Cloudinary provides best services for images and videos manipulation. Core features of Cloudinary: End to end… Read More »