Why should we learn php programming language

By | July 13, 2017

As we all know that technologies are growing fast and in the software field there are to many programming languages to develop web based applications. So it is very difficult to choose which programming language we should learn. But if you are new in the development field and want to learn a programming language quickly then PHP is a better option to learn and implement your applications. PHP has many reasons to learn, some of them are as under.

Easy to learn : PHP programming language is very easy to learn for new comer. All the syntax and concepts are very easy. It is not complicated like other languages(Java, .net, python etc.). From a single PHP file you can start your application. All the functions name are user friendly so it is easy to remember.

If you have a question that how PHP file would run the i will recommend to read our PHP server installation article

URL : http://phpzone.in/how-to-setup-a-server-on-local-computer-to-run-php-applications/

Flexible : PHP is more flexible because it is dynamically typed language. It means there are no tough rules to build new features. You have a great flexibility to solve your problems by using different methods and techniques and it totally depends upon you that how you think for a solution.

Community : PHP has broad community of developers so you can easily find many solutions of your problem. And you can discuss about the feature of PHP. Today PHP is more popular language and it is widely used programming language. We all know for any programming language community size matters. Larger community has more support about the language the give and take the help. StackOverflow Community is third largest community for questions and answers.

5th Most Popular language at GitHub: PHP is fifth most popular language at github. More than 500 PHP projects are available at github. You can directly download or you can make clone of the project to use in your application.

Career Opportunities: PHP is very easy to learn and widely demanded programming language. So there are too many opportunities to build your career. If you are planning to work as a freelancer, PHP is likely a good skill to learn, since WordPress (CMS build in PHP) and other content management systems like Joomla, drupal  are popular with non-technical people. Many shopping cart tools like Magento, OScommerce, OpenCart, zencart etc   have also been built with PHP.

Future of PHP: Since php has some issues with the language’s design. But yet PHP 7 was recently released to fix most of the problems it has been accused of (inconsistency, slowness, etc).